“LampyLink is living up to all the ‘hype’ and ‘publicity’ it deserves! LampyLink is a formidable competitor in the arena of business networking organizations worldwide!”

Ms. Laura Berger 
Fashion Guru Trendsetter
Tampa, FL USA

“LampyLink is a viable and affordable business networking platform for all types of professionals trying to connect with one another.”

William Heitin
Garnet Street Partners
Boston, MA USA

“Pinnacle Fund Services is a tailored fund ’boutique’ solutions trusted provider servicing global financial clients. We like to partner with niche organizations like LampyLink because we both communicate in the same market sector space”.

Alex Chapman
Managing Partner
Pinnacle Fund Services
Stamford, CT USA

“LampyLink is a perfect venue bringing all types of people together that have high aspirations to accomplish and implement big ideas”

Bruce Lampert
Business Executive
Boston, MA USA

“I have known Jeffrey Lampert for 31 years and he is the most amazing guy you would ever want to meet. His ability to connect people from all over the world is beyond anything you could ever imagine. I have personally been involved and witnessed Jeffrey single handedly round up all the right people to discuss multi-million dollar business opportunities and make it happen. ‘Talk about show me the money!’”

Eddie Dovner
Good Life USA, LLC

“If you have working capital to invest in various market sectors and you want to connect with some very savvy cutting-edge entrepreneurs then you have come to the right place”

Joe Lavigne
Operations Manager
Lampy Link

“I have tried all the standard social media and networking groups yet Lampy Link is my ‘go to’. Jeffrey has created something truly unique ….a cost effective alternative that actually produces and connects me with the right people”.

Shannon Hattery
Board Member
OmniElite Financial
Group LLC
Tampa, FL.

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